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I’ve decided to share a little bit of our corner of the world on this blog! I am a wife and mother to two little boys, Rhett (3) and Rory (1), joyfully living in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate NY. Life is happy & full!

I find great joy in sharing and encouraging in the areas of home, food, faith, and family with littles. Most of my content is here on my blog, but I also post over on my Instagram account @alessandra..juliet, so be sure to catch up with me there!  

I’d love to have you along! 

✨ Now it's time for a cute get to know me quiz... ✨

1. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life it would be...

anything from Maudie's in Austin, TX 

2. Most likely to binge watch...

Ok ok, anything with Reese in it.

a. Big Little Lies

b. The Bachelor

c. Gossip Girl

d. The Office

e. The Morning Show

The Alee.png

3. If you could meet one person dead or alive it would be...

6. Your go-to outfit is...

a. T-shirt & pair of jeans

b. Anything from Target

c. Yoga pants & sneakers

d. Dress and heels

e. Sweatpants & sweatshirt

The Alee.png

7. You are deathly afraid of...

a. Spiders

b. Heights

c. A bump in the night

d. Public Speaking

e. Flying

The Alee.png

8. Are you religious?

CS Lewis

yes! Our family is Catholic

4. Your drink of choice would be...

a. Dirty Martini

b. Margarita

c. Red Wine

d. Aperol Spritz

e. Other: 

All of the above...?

The Alee.png

5. Once the kids are asleep, the first thing you do is...

a. Pour a glass of wine

b. Take a bubble bath

c. Make some tea & cozy up with a book

d. Turn on Netflix

The Alee.png

9. How would people describe you?





Laid Back








The Alee-2.png
The Alee-2.png
The Alee-2.png
The Alee-2.png
The Alee-2.png
The Alee-2.png
The Alee-2.png

10. Where are you from?

originally from Austin, TX,

now living in beautiful Upstate NY!

Interested to know what's on the blog?
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Our faith is the pillar on which our entire life rests. While I am a recent convert to the Catholic faith (as of Easter 2019), my husband grew up Catholic and we are raising our boys in the faith as well. I find such joy in teaching our boys about God, the fruits of the spirit, and how Jesus loves us!


Day by day, I also continue to dig deeper into my own faith and learn more about his plans for my family and how I can best serve Him. I would love for you to join the conversation.

Read my first post on faith here:


I know firsthand that there is no one right way to raise a family. Each family has been given its own set of strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and quirks that individually shape each person to become who God meant for them to be in life.


I share our family joys, learning moments, tips, and tricks I've learned along the way while raising little ones here.

Here are a few of my favorite posts on family.


Good food and great conversation between family and friends brings me great joy! I am also a big believer in meal planning on a weekly basis and trying out new recipes frequently.


Here I share my most beloved recipes and hope that when you make them in your home, your family loves them as much as mine does!


Here are some of my favorites I have posted so far:


From home organization to books I'm reading, or my favorite kitchen gadgets, I will be sharing different aspects of my life here.


I am also excited to hear from you about your favorite finds & must-haves!

Read my first post in lifestyle below!


I love sharing little things that might help you order your day in ways that are practical and pretty! 


Find some of my favorite printables here: 



Pre-K Morning &

Evening Chore Chart

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30 Day Gospel of Matthew F.E.A.S.T. Reading Guide

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Weekly Meal Planner

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I am really excited about connecting with other mothers and families who are working towards creating a happy home and heart in their own lives and in their children.

To quote one of my inspirations, Jennifer Mackintosh, "Anything that is good, true and beautiful here is merely a reflection of THE Good, True, and Beautiful from the Creator of all. It is the splendor within our ordinary."

I pray that your time reading this blog brings you joy and happiness, and as always, I would love to hear from you! Please reach out to me here.

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