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Airplane Packing List for Kid's Carry-On (And Mom)

Being prepared is KEY when traveling with little ones. My boys are 2.5 and 5 years old and each of these things keeps their attention really well when traveling.

Some of these are tried & true and others you might not have heard of before! I hope you find this list helpful for your next trip. :)

Airplane Packing List for Kids

1. Triangular Crayons & Coloring/Activity Books

Both of my boys are still into coloring for long periods of time - which is awesome! A pro mom tip is to purchase triangular crayons as they DON'T roll off of the airplane tray table - hallelujah!

2. Ipad downloaded with their choice in shows

Make sure Ipads are charged up and ready to go with all of their favorite shows before leaving. I like to download all shows the day before & leave them charging all night. We have great cases for the kid's ipads - linked here.

3. Bluetooth Kids Headphones

These were only $30 and take away the issue of the cord! My 2.5-year-old always pulls out his headphone cord and then cries (not good), so this will take away that issue entirely! Plus, they are paw patrol-themed. Can't go wrong with that.

4. Sticker Activity Books

Any sort of activity book that encourages concentration & focus is a winner. This first 100 words sticker book is going in my 2.5-year-old's bag.

5. Mini Brands Disney toy ball

I had never heard of these before a few weeks ago - so we are trying something new! This is a Disney-themed Mini Brand ball with 5 mini toys inside for them to unwrap. Anything that takes them a while to unwrap/focus on is a winner when traveling. The inside could have anything from a mini Buzz Lightyear to a mini Captain America! We will see what's inside once we get on the plane - ha!

6. Wikki Stix

These are fun for even me on the plane - ha! You can create endless kinds of things with them and are great for sensory play in a pinch.

7. Dollar Store grab-n-go activity bags

These can be used when out to dinner along with when on the plane. They come with a mini coloring book, crayons, and stickers. They are also just fun for them to open.

8. Dollar Store on-the-go colorforms (reusable stickers with multiple scenes to create)

These are awesome and very entertaining. I picked up two of the Wild Kratts', Frozen, and Jurassic Park-themed ones.

9. Dollar Store mini dough factory play-doh bags

These mini bags come with two different playdoh colors and one tool to create shapes with. These are awesome because you can use them all and then throw them away if they get too messy or if you lose playdoh pieces!

10. Dollar Store adhesive mustaches

I was on the hunt for some entertaining things that could be pulled out in a hurry! I saw these mustaches and knew they would get a good laugh if someone was crying or upset. Good to have on hand!

11. Dollar Store Rubix cubes

Both of my kids are obsessed with their Rubix cubes, and the dollar store had ones with different colored hearts all over them. I picked up two and they'll love trying to solve them!

12. Snacks

Bringing snacks is never a bad idea. Things I will be bringing include goldfish, granola bars (none with chocolate because melting is a disaster), pretzels, peanut butter crackers, and applesauce pouches.

13. Snacks in a pill organizer

I got two pill organizers as I thought it would be a fun and exciting thing for them to open the containers individually for their snacks (this is in addition to the actual snack bags I am bringing). Just another thing for entertainment!

14. Contigo Kids Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I always bring the boy's water bottles and fill them up with bottled water once we get through security. It helps them stay hydrated and it's the easiest way to give them a drink when they need one.

15. Dum Dum lollipops

These always do the trick whenever one of the boys is upset. These are like a secret weapon to have on hand!

16. Sweatshirt

If the plane is too cold, you want to make sure the kids have something to warm up with. I throw one of their sweatshirts into their bag just in case.

17. Roller Backpack

Last, but not least, you need a bag to put it all in! Both boys have the Dino Rolling Mackenzie backpack from Pottery Barn Kids. These are super durable, last years, and are really cute. It's also extremely helpful that they roll so that they can pull them themselves without having the weight on their back when walking through the airport.

*Other Ideas

In the past, we have brought water coloring books, lacing activities, tracing activities, window clings, and washi tape! I try to cycle through these things, and we have used so many of those in the past, so I wanted to introduce some things that were new and surprising to keep their attention! However, those are all awesome additions to your kid's bag!

Airplane Packing List for Mom

In addition to the kid's bags being prepared, it is also key for moms to have necessary items on hand too! Here is the list I am packing in my own carry-on bag that is kid-specific.

1. Flushable Wipes

Rory is still in the process of potty training and these are awesome to have on hand in the bathroom to make things quicker/easier!

2. Antibacterial Wipes

This goes without saying... but these are good for wiping down hands, trays, seats, the list goes on... and on.

3. Changes of underwear & clothes for all kids

We will be bringing 4 changes of underwear/clothes for Rory because he is potty training. However, I am also bringing new undies/pants/shirt for Rhett, our 5-year-old, just in case! You can never be too prepared.

4. Large Ziploc bags

These are always good to have in case you have dirty clothes that need to be contained.

5. Children's Tylenol & Tums

You never want to be in a situation where your child is in pain and you don't have anything to help them! I keep these in my carry-on just in case of emergency.

6. Tissues

Again, goes without saying! You can buy travel-sized ones from the drug store to make them easier to pack.

7. iPhone/iPad chargers

Nothing is worse than the iPad dying and you still have 2 hours left of traveling. Put all the chargers in your carry-on!

8. Kid's Insurance Cards

Just in case, of course!

I hope you find this useful! Let me know where you're traveling to & what you'll be bringing for your kids in the comments below or over on my Instagram @alessandra.juliet! Talk soon!

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