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How I Bring Peace To My Mornings

My morning is a sacred time between 6:15-7:00 before my two boys wake up. It's a chance for me to center myself with what I would like to do before the crazy of the day begins. For me, that involves praying, journaling, reading my bible, and then a book of my choice that's usually religious as well. My morning basket cycles through a couple of different things but the bulk of it remains the same. Keep reading to see what's in my basket at the moment.

1. Prayer

Once I grab my coffee, I start out by praying and giving my day up to God. I either pray what's on my heart or use the App Hallow. I often use this at the end of the day for guided prayer to help me wind down too. It's the best!

2. Journaling

Then I will journal out whatever's on my mind -- is it a to-do list that I can't stop thinking about so I can't focus better on my bible reading? It is more of what I want to bring to God? Something that I am joyful about or something that's bugging me? I let it all out early in the morning so that my mind is more cleared for the day to begin. SUCH a good practice that I highly recommend. The journal I use is from Target & isn't available anymore, but this one is super similar.

3. Bible Reading

Right now I am working through Luke in this Gospel Bible from Word on Fire. You can get a copy here. This Bible is the most gorgeous Bible I have EVER seen. It has commentaries throughout and highlights beautiful art from throughout the centuries that corresponds to what your reading - creating a visual experience that I love. I will usually read 2-3 chapters at a time with the commentaries but if I feel I have time to read more, I keep reading.

4. I Heard God Laugh by Matthew Kelly

I just added this book into my mornings and I am really enjoying it so far. Joy and laughter are things I value greatly and this book zooms in on that and your relationship with God our creator! It is such an interesting thing to think about God and how he gave each of us the ability to be joyful, laugh, and have a sense of humor. Check it out here.

5. Lenten Bible Study - Set A Fire by Blessed is She

In addition, I've added on this bible study to do during Lent. This bible study was given to me by my Parish and it is such a sweet way to reflect on lent and womanhood. The physical copies are sold out but you can get a digital copy here. I love this ministry so much and was so excited to see their lent devotional!

Do you have a quiet mommy morning routine? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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