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How To Encourage Your Pre Schooler To Do Daily Chores

Little kids need routine, and these clipboards are the best thing I have given him to encourage that routine! When he wakes up, he walks over to our laundry room and grabs a clipboard & pen, and gets started with his day.

When quarantine started, I struggled to find a way to order our day so that one of us didn't end up losing our mind. :) I stumbled across chore boards for older kids and decided to make my own for my 3-year-old. Each clipboard has large images with the words next to them so that he feels confident doing each activity without having to know how to read.


The point of this clipboard is to encourage Rhett to be productive in the morning without overwhelming him.

It starts out with eating a yummy breakfast, then encourages getting dressed, brushing teeth & hair, tidying up his room, and taking his vitamins! We go through this list and complete everything before we begin our day & school time downstairs!


This clipboard helps to begin the wind-down process. Rhett has recently started helping me set the table for dinner, so that is the first item on our checklist. Next up, of course, is eating dinner and then tidying up the playroom. Then we go through bath time, putting on our pjs, brushing his teeth, and then going potty for the last time that night.

I truly see a difference in our days when these are used vs. when they are not.

If you'd like to download these for your own use, please head over to the end of my about page. I have this free to download, all you have to do is enter your email here!

Do you have any special tricks that you do to encourage your preschooler to help around the house?

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