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Our Daily Routine (Winter to Spring Changes)

Our routine comes in many ways, shapes, and forms depending on what day it is but this is our most consistent look at what we do in a day. Lots of outside time (yes, even in winter) and singing of songs!

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays Rhett goes to his Forest School from 8:30 AM - 12 PM. I also have class on Monday afternoons & Wednesday mornings, so our Mondays and Wednesdays are pretty busy. However, on our days that we are home all day, I try to keep us active, learning, and outside (weather permitting).

This is our day when we have nothing scheduled and are home all day long!

Wake Up


I usually wake up between 6:15-6:30 which allows me about 30 minutes of quiet time before my boys wake up. I get myself ready for the day at this time and then head out to the kitchen. Read what I do in my morning quiet time in my post here. I love the peacefulness of this time in my day, especially now that spring is here and I can open my windows to enjoy the crisp spring air and the birds singing their morning songs. I make my coffee and sit down with my books and then around 7:00 am my older son stumbles out of his room and crawls in my lap. We talk about his sleep, any dreams that he had (he loves to talk about his dreams) and then he begins to play with his toys or runs to wake up my husband if he isn't up yet. My younger son wakes up between 7:15-7:30 and I get him up and out of his crib and changed. Then I start on making breakfast!

My oldest son Rhett usually goes to grab his morning clipboard at this time too. Check out my post here about our morning & evening clipboards!



I am not usually hungry at this time, so I just fix food for my two boys. I switch between some mix of yogurt, fruit, pancakes, scrambled eggs, chicken sausage (this is the BEST kind), smoothies, toast with peanut butter, or breakfast potatoes for them. They LOVE breakfast and eat really well in the mornings.

Morning Playtime & Preschool at Home


Once we're done with breakfast my boys are rearing to go play with all of their toys downstairs and we usually rush down there as soon as they are done eating, not kidding. They love their playroom! We head down there and I let them play for a little bit while I watch my morning news and finish up my second cup of coffee.

Then I get down Rory's busy bins while I read through our morning basket, help Rhett with his morning calendar time, and his workbook activities for that day. We only spend about 20 minutes on actual workbook activities and these switch daily. We use The Good & The Beautiful's Pre-K workbook, the Image of God Series: Who Am I? Kindergarten Workbook, the Discovering Great Artists Hands On Art Experiences workbook, and resources from a couple other places as well. Sometimes I have planned units for us to learn about as well. I am going to be explaining more of Rhett's Pre K learning & my planning for him in future posts!

Morning Snack


At this point, my younger son is ready for a snack and we make our way back upstairs for snack time! My rule is that morning snacks have to come from the fridge (unless it's a granola bar), and afternoon snacks come from the fridge or pantry. I would prefer our morning snacks to stick with healthier options like fruit, yogurts, applesauces, etc.

I eat my breakfast at this time and stick with one of these 3 things most of the time.

Get Boys Dressed & Ready for Day


I get my sons dressed and then if we didn't before we went down to the playroom, I brush their hair & teeth at this point.

Late Morning Playtime or Outside Time


Then we head outside, especially recently since it's been warmer out! I get all of our gear on (rain books, coats, hats) and we head outside for a walk on our trails! The boys absolutely adore being outside in the sunshine. Sometimes we make our way over to their Lovie and Papa's (who live right next door) and we play on their playground.

If the weather isn't nice enough to be outside, we head back downstairs to the playroom and play until lunchtime! If we are back in the playroom, I will sometimes fit in a Peloton strength/bodyweight/yoga workout from the app while the boys are playing. They'll sometimes mimic what I am doing (like push-ups or squats) and it is pretty cute.



We all head upstairs (sometimes Rhett will be right in the middle of an imaginative play and isn't ready to come upstairs yet so Rory and I will head up first). I will make their lunch - I switch between a bunch of different things but their favorites are Annie's Mac & Cheese, Applegate Organic Chicken Nuggets, Salami w cheese & crackers, or our dinner leftovers from the night before.

Naptime/Afternoon Relaxing Time


Rory goes down for a nap at this time and Rhett & I use this time to relax. We will play board games, he will watch a show & I'll do work or my schoolwork, or we will go back outside to play in our backyard.

Afternoon Snack & Playtime or Outside Time


Once Rory wakes up, both are ready for a snack. I'll let Rhett pick something out of the pantry like puffs, pretzels, teddy grahams, or goldfish. Rory usually wants whatever his brother has (lol who can relate) so he'll have whatever Rhett has. Then depending on the weather, we will head back outside or down to the playroom.

Make Dinner/Play Upstairs


At this point in the evening, we all head back into the kitchen. The boys are at an age where they really enjoy playing with each other, so they will entertain themselves, play chase, or play with their toys that we keep in the living room during this time. It is super cute (and super helpful)!

Rhett goes to grab his evening clipboard at this time too. Check out my post here about our morning & evening clipboards!



We aim to eat as a family every night at 5:30. We make a point to ask each other what everyone's favorite part of their day was! It is a really great way to look for the positives in each day. Rhett really loves it.

Evening Playtime


After dinner we head back downstairs for evening playtime & playroom clean up. I aim to have our playroom tidied up before we head upstairs for the night every night. I know it's silly, but I sleep so much better at night when the playroom is cleaned up, ha!



Both boys get in the bath at this time each night and play in the tub for a little bit. Once they are scrubbed up, Rory goes to bed first and Rhett usually wants to play for a little longer. One of us stays with Rhett while the other puts Rory to bed.



Then Rhett gets out and we help him get ready for bed. Then he is read to (usually 3 books each night) and tucked in!

Relax/Work Time


At this point, my husband and I tidy up our house and then use this time to catch up on work, read a book, or catch up on shows. We try to be in bed asleep by 10:30 each night!

How does our routine differ from yours?! Do you have any fun tips or tricks for routines with littles? I would love to hear below!

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