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Our Easter Book List

Easter is such a beautiful and important time of year for our faith and as Rhett has grown older, I've found it more and more important to steer him away from the idea that Easter is about the Easter Bunny and towards the fact that Jesus is risen & we celebrate that on this day!

Here are 6 books that we read in our home that inspire us towards this truth.

'Twas The Morning of Easter

We love reading this story as it truly explains the meaning of Easter in a way that directly mirrors 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. It has beautiful illustrations and is really well written. This one is definitely my favorite!

The Berenstain Bears'

Easter Sunday

The Berenstain Bears always have such sweet stories for little ones to read. It's not a surprise that two of our favorites are from this series!

The Berenstain Bears'

The Easter Story

This story does a great job of getting to the point of the story of Easter and why it matters. There are also prompts/questions in the back to continue the conversation with your little ones.

The Story of Easter

(Little Golden Book)

Little Golden Books are known for creating classics and this book is no exception. It does a wonderful job of explaining the darkest parts of Christ's betrayal and crucifixion in a way that's appropriate for little eyes and ears.

The Legend of the

Easter Egg

This sweet story is about a little brother and sister and gives an explanation for why we use Easter eggs to celebrate Easter and Christ's resurrection. It's a great gateway into talking about new life in Christ vs new life when a chick is born out of an egg!

The Easter Egg

This is the one story that doesn't mention Christ or the resurrection, but instead a sweet story about kindness and selflessness. The illustrations are beautiful as well because its Jan Brett, of course!

What are some of your favorite books to read to your family during this time?

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