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Pregnancy No. 3 Maternity Must-Haves

I can't believe I am already in the third trimester — this pregnancy is going by crazy fast! I wanted to share some of my favorite things the third time around for any pregnant mamas who might be newly pregnant, also in their third trimester, or in between! Everything is linked below! I know you'll love everything as much as I do.


Beyond Yoga Leggings // These are SO soft and easy to throw on/dress up or down. I have them in black and gray and wear them all the time.

Biker Shorts // As spring ends & summer begins, I have really enjoyed having biker shorts to pair with an oversized t-shirt or sweatshirt. These are soft & easy to throw on.

Pink Blush Taupe Soft Long Sleeved Raw Hem Shirt // Pink Blush has a lot of great basics like this soft long-sleeved that I throw on over leggings or jeans.

Pink Blush Linen Button Down // This is such a cute maternity shirt for summer! I can't wait to pair this with shorts and wear it at the lake or pool.

H & M Skinny Jeans & Pink Blush Ripped Jeans // These maternity jeans are both reasonably priced and provide easy options for everyday wear or a more dressed-up option with a cute top.

Skims Crossover Bralette // The comfiest, easiest, everyday wear option! Size up for pregnancy.

Amazon Soft Padded Maternity/Nursing Bra // Only $25 and oh so soft! I needed something that had padding and was supportive but was still super comfy. This passes the test!

Kindred Bravely Maternity/Nursing Sports Bra // I was on the hunt for a good sports bra that was maternity friendly (really comfy ;) and I came across this one. It is also a nursing bra which is a bonus/something I will be needing really soon!

Lulu Lemon Tank // Okay you guys... I have too many of these. They have built-in bras & are a great option for everyday wear with maternity leggings or to wear for an actual workout. These are hands down a favorite of mine (pregnancy or not).

Pink Blush Active Pullover // This is awesome to pair with leggings or wear for a workout too! I love the rushing & there's plenty of room for the baby to continue to grow!


AM: Energizing Eye Patches // I need all the help I can get to look energized. These are great to wear in the morning as you get ready/get kids ready for school. They have Ginseng, Vit C, and Licorice and are VERY refreshing.

AM: Ice Roller // Bye-bye puffiness! This roller is a cute color & has a detachable roller head so only that piece has to go in the freezer. Pop it back in when you wake up and roll it all over your face/neck to wake up & depuff. I love mine - and it's only $9!

AM/All Day: Water Bottle // I constantly have water with me - I am so so thirsty all the time & it's so important to stay hydrated through & after pregnancy! This water bottle fits in cup holders (yay) has a handle (yay) and is a great size (40 0z). I fill mine up with water, ice, and lemon when I wakeup and keep refilling it throughout the day.

PM: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Belly Oil // This stuff smells so good & helps prevent stretch marks (yay). I've tried more fancy options but keep coming back to the basics. You can't beat Palmer's!

PM: Belly Band (with heat back) for lower back pain // This goes on every night! This belly band comes with a heat/cool pack that you can stick in the microwave or freezer depending on what you need. I pop mine in the microwave and then put it in the pocket in the back to soothe my lower back pain. It is SO helpful - I literally look forward to it, ha!

PM: Pregnancy Pillow // These are so important - especially after 20 weeks when you aren't supposed to sleep on your back anymore. The large pillow helps your hips and the attached pillow keeps you from rolling onto your back while sleeping.

PM: Hydrating Lip & Face Masks // These are so wonderful & make you feel pampered! I love putting these on before sleep.

PM: Dry Brush // Dry Brushing is so good for you - and when swelling kicks in later in pregnancy, it can help with lymphatic drainage in your legs & feet. Yes, please! Plus this one is only $9. I love to put some body oil on the brush before using it & then hop in the shower after I'm done. Feels so good!


Prenatal Vitamins // Perelel has vitamins that are specifically designed for your trimester of pregnancy. They also have vitamins for those trying to conceive, a mom specific pack, and a woman's daily multi. You just tell them your due date and they automatically send the right vitamins at the right time. I love them!

Ultima Replenisher in Lemonade // I drink one of these daily to boost my electrolytes. Ultima has less sugar than other electrolyte packs. Lemonade flavor is delicious.

Ritual Prenatal Protein Powder // This protein powder is specifically for prenatal and postnatal mothers. I drink this daily in my pregnancy protein shake (I'll be posting that recipe soon!).

Pregnancy Tea // I drink this every night. This specific one from Traditional Medicinals is organic and has important pregnancy aiding herbs like raspberry leaf and nettle leaf. It tastes yummy too!

Magnesium Supplement // There are so many reasons why you should take magnesium during pregnancy. It helps with cramps, nerve function, and blood pressure. It lso helps baby's teeth and bone development! You can mix this with any drink — I put it in my pregnancy tea 3-4x a week.


Pregnancy Yoga // I am obsessed with doing yoga during pregnancy and recovery. It helps you feel stretched and healthy — along with helping blood flow, increasing muscle strength, and helping decrease lower back pain, hip pain, and reduign stress. I try to do this 3x a week. My boys love to do it with me! The Youtube channel I have linked here has tons of different yoga videos for different stages of pregnancy that are great.

Peloton for Pregnancy // Peloton has a ton of different classes for pregnancy - from cardio, to yoga, to stretching, to cycling classes. I like doing their prenatal specific strength classes at this stage of pregnancy (not so much cycling anymore - ha).

Prenatal Massage // These are so important and help you feel so relaxed! From helping with lower back and hip pain, to general needs, getting prenatal specific massages can be a lifesaver. Right now I go 1-2x a month.

Chiropractor // Last, but definiteley not least, going to the Chiropractor has been a MUST for me! I go once a week to get readjusted and the difference in my lower back and hip pain is incredible! In week 25, the baby was breech, and my weekly visit to my chiropractor fixed his position within a day. It was amazing! I highly recommend going to a Chiropractor throughout your pregnancy. If you are local — I go to Lisa Towle at Towle Chiropractic in Canton.

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